Saving one life at a time, together we make a difference.

About ASPFM 

A Safe Place for Meow is a Not-for-profit incorporation, established in June 2019. It is a rescue group that is based on saving the lives of stray cats and kittens of the Northern Territory. ASPFM is run by a dedicated team of women outside of their everyday careers and relies solely on foster carers and public donations to help support and fund the group. ASPFM does not have a permanent location within the Northern Territory and therefore our foster carers are essential to providing a Safe Place for our cats and kittens until their forever homes are found.


Kelly is the heart and soul behind ASPFM, saving kittens and cats is just who she is. She has the biggest heart, and such a huge inspiration to our team. If we told you how many cats have came into Kelly’s life in care you wouldn’t believe us! 
She is the perfect example of crazy cat lady, and we love her for it 



Sophie is Someone who puts their whole heart and dedication into each and every kitten or cat who comes to our door seeking help in finding their furrever homes. Sophie is always there to care for all, especially our most special little ones who are in need of extra love and attention. Whether that be using her knowledge as a vet to give needed treatment or the ones who need to be shown an extra caring heart. Sophie brings so much to our team of coordinators and we are so very lucky to have her!


This is Joirdan. Joirdan is a head veterinary nurse by trade but in her spare time, she is a coordinator for us! Her nurturing nature, love for cats and veterinary knowledge make her an integral part of our team. Joirdan works with kittens from bottle babies to adults and every kitten she touches turns to gold. If you adopt a kitten raised by Joirdan, you are in for a treat!



Katie is not only a coordinator, Shes a dedicated team member who accepts any challenge even when it involves a 74g orphaned kitten. She’s a loving caring soul who’s best interests are always with the cats and kittens that arrive at ASPFM. Katie is a vital part of our team for all of our events and she ensures the day runs smoothly. We are eternally grateful to have such a wonderful team member!


Ebony is a unique person that is very thoughtful, caring and kind. She helps not only people, but she strives to help the furry and feathery ones who can't ask for it during her everyday job of being a veterinary nurse. We couldn't ask to have met someone so amazing and volunteer with someone so selfless!



Grace is a dedicated member of the ASPFM team. With her wealth of knowledge and a persistent personality no cat or kitten will be left behind. She aims to everyday progress our rescue group and strive for the highest qualities.


Rainah is also a veterinary based Coordinator, not only does she have amazing knowledge in the medical field but she also has carried her mothering instinct on to raising sweet bottle babies! No task is ever too big for her.



As a member who has given a permanent home to one of our biggest achievements (Oakley). You will all know, she has a heart of gold. Ez is a women who will not give up on the ones who are just a little bit quirky or that just need that special home.


Erin has vast knowledge when it comes to rescue groups, she has been a key feature in helping us grow recently and she always has the best ideas and suggestions! Erin is a bubbly lady who will do just about anything to ensure her carers and fosters are well organised and happy.